First Appearing:

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While it’s not complete and ready to go yet, we’re working on getting CoasterPoll up and running. It is entirely custom, using Bootstrap 4 (yes, the one that’s currently in alpha testing), Slim 3, Eloquent, and Twig, along with a … Continued


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Yay! We’ve made some progress on our buckles.   While there’s still a ways to go, we’re (several) steps closer to having our first run of buckles!

What’s new in September?

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Now that we’ve officially moved into Fall, and we’re almost done with September, we finally have some time to start working on buckles again. And we have some good news! We’ve now got the webbing and are now left with … Continued

August status

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I should probably share a bit about where our project is currently at. We have all of the actual buckle pieces on hand. We have springs and screws. We do not have webbing or attachment points. The current biggest step … Continued