Our buckles are made out of the finest materials, hand mined by Peruvian monks who've emigrated to the Congo for religious reasons only. But not really, cause that's horribly unrealistic.

Instead, we specifically designed our buckles from the ground up while focusing on how they would actually be used, and how they're going to be made. The designers all have a history of operating rides and attractions, and from our experience we had the goal of making products that we would actually want to use.

We wanted a buckle that:

  • is easy and fast to use on the first try
  • will always fully buckle
  • be comfortable under heavy lap bars
  • look (and sound) cool
This product is currently unavailable.

These are currently under active development. There is currently no expected timeline for when they might be finished. In the meantime, you can follow our progress in our recent posts.

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